Everyone says I have a cute sneeze like a kitten or something I don't quite see how sneezing can be cute or even hot ( read it some where) Is this really the case or is it just sneezing nothing major , or bit gross


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  • ok I've been asked this by a lot og chicks at my schoo( I'm kinda the go to guy for relationship help or advice on of this nature) but when it comes to sneezing they can be cute, sexy, funny, or disgusting...a lot of girls have cute sneezes...like when a girl has a sort of high pitched sneeze it cute or if she has a little sneeze also if she sneezes several times at once...but it can be funny if she has a funny face or if she does something weird like waves her arms or squiks ( I thnk the squiking in a girls sneeze is so cute/sexy) ...and then it can cross into disgusting when snot flys out her nose or she yells like a man...so I hope this helped its just what I came to observe among those around me


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  • you should record a video of you sneezing and put it on youtube, see how many views it gets.


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  • Everyone says my sneezing is cute. I'm a training opera singer, and I have a really high voice when I make loud noises. My sneezes come out like squeaks. My friends all think it's adorable.