When a guy says that he wants to hook you up with one of his friends what does it mean?

i wasn't there but my bff told me she was with 2 guys one was my crush and he just said that randomly


Most Helpful Girl

  • hmmmn this is confusing...but I think you're asking that what did it mean when the guy you like said he wants to hook you up with one of his friends?

    im not an expert, but I would be mad if I were in your shoes...because that means he doesn't like you if he has to nerve to tell your friend he himself wants you to sleep or get with some other guy...hes not into you...

    also I would keep a distance from that friend of yours who was talking to the 2 guys...because I have a close friend like that too and I like her as a bud and all but I've learned to keep a distance because sometimes girls are naturally jealous and competitive and especially involving guys, dating and attention, they can backstab you to make you look bad in front of a guy to boost their own ego...its happened to me...never trust girls like that!

    are you really tight with her? may be she said sh*t about you to your crush? or may be she was hitting on him...

    just be careful =)