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IT's Been 4 Months, My FWB Won't Kiss Me. Should I Go In For It?

Knew each other previously, he approached me, FWB only. Its been 4 months. Will A guy continue to have sex with a woman if he feels she is... Show More

He never said I was unattractive. I just feel like he's so cute. In my mind he's out of my league

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  • "Will A guy continue to have sex with a woman if he feels she is unattractive?"No.You'll want to confirm it with him, but this looks over.

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  • Just to clear this up, it's been 4 months since you had sex with him? Or you've been having sex but he has not kissed you during those encounters for the last 4 months?

  • He might keep having sex with you if he just wants a f*** but he probably wouldn't have done it more than once if he didn't find you attractive in the first place. And if there's something you want you should always go for it

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