If girls don't like me, should I become gay?

I don't think any girls like me anymore. They're either out for my money or something superficial. I might as well be gay. I've never heard of any gay male gold diggers, so it could work.

i have never dated or had a first kiss non the less never had sex and all the girls don't like me and say I'm ugly so should I just become gay because i, ready for a relationship and I guess even if it is with another man.


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  • first off you don't choose to be gay.There is somone out there for everyone. So your 18-24, that's young, You don't need to find the one right now.

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      How is there someone for everyone? three of my uncles died unmarried, so how is there someone for everyone? Yes, I could be pessimistic, but one should prepare for the worst.