If girls don't like me, should I become gay?

I don't think any girls like me anymore. They're either out for my money or something superficial. I might as well be gay. I've never heard of any gay male gold diggers, so it could work.

i have never dated or had a first kiss non the less never had sex and all the girls don't like me and say I'm ugly so should I just become gay because i, ready for a relationship and I guess even if it is with another man.


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  • first off you don't choose to be gay.There is somone out there for everyone. So your 18-24, that's young, You don't need to find the one right now.

    • How is there someone for everyone? three of my uncles died unmarried, so how is there someone for everyone? Yes, I could be pessimistic, but one should prepare for the worst.

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  • You don't become gay, either you like guys or don't. No one chooses to be gay...at least not anyone that's mentally stable

  • If you think a straight girl doesn't find you attractive, why would a gay man? Don't say ridiculous things. Keep looking for your dream girl.

  • Being gay is not a choice; you weird, weird person..

    And if the girls you know are after your money; you don't know any girls worth dating anyway. Go find some real girls.

    • No such thing, women are either golddigers, or just selfcentered snobs. unless being gay turns you on, your best choice is strip clubs or call girls, at least then, you have some control over the situation. right now girls are in a postition to reject you, that give them the power in the "reationship" game. if you reject the whole gender and focus on call girls, you can get some of that control back.

    • Don't you think you two are a little pessimistic?

    • Guantumdefender is right. I shouldn't even turn gay. Since most girls don't give me their time, I might as well hit up some hookers and buy a ton of porn. Or maybe just go overseas to find a woman. Since there are no like-minded women, I might as well earn the satisfaction first and then worry about it later.

  • you like man? if no then I really don't think you can "turn" gay.

    don't worry about it.. some girls are in it for the right reasons.


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  • If girls don't like you, find other girls.

    If you're not hot for guys, don't try to be gay; you'll waste your time and your partners' time.

    • I mean, nearly all the girls I meet think I creep them out. I have done nothing to earn their distrust.

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    • I mean, I'm not aware of it. Is it because I'm asian? most white girls don't like asian men

    • It's not because you're Asian. A girl who doesn't date Asian guys will say "I only date [X]." or "I don't go for Asian guys." For a girl to say "He creeps me out", you need to f*ck up.

  • The odds of you really just "becoming gay" are slim at best, such is an idiotic notion, and further the problems you're talking about are prevalent in all relationships no matter the partner. Why not go subscribe to more stereotypes?

  • Seriously ! just because girls don't like you, it doesn't mean you should be gay. It just means that the right girl hasn't come along. You are attracted to girls right, I mean you find them attractive and want to do nasty things to them right. If not then be gay, but if not don't turn gay. Start hanging out with more people and put yourself out there

  • That or you're asexual.