Did my friend with benefits (she) have feelings for me?

I recently met a girl who was my friends cousin. We met in a bar had a couple of drinks she talked about her sex life with me even if she didn't know me that much which I think was a clear sign that she was sexually into me. on the way to the other bar, we were in my friends car, we started making out. after that things got a little more heated up but we couldn't have sex. so she decided to make me her FWB. we agreed on not getting feelings involved. the next day we started texting each other she wanted me to know her more and wanted me to ask about her more. she talked about her sex life more and how crazy she was before so I did. after that we saw each other the next day and had sex . she slept over and wanted me to hug her until she fell asleep. texting got more frequent. She wanted me to text her and call her more often we talked about how her day was. after a few days we saw each other again for sex. this one was a quickie but we still cuddled and I felt that she loved the cuddling. after a few days we started hanging out she kept telling me how she would want to have a serious relationship someday and how similar the things we do together when hanging out, with the things her ex boyfriend did before and she wanted to hang out with me more. then one day we had to go to a bar. before picking her up I told her not to tell my friends we;d been hanging out so they wouldn't think we're a couple. she got mad I think because she cursed at me. so I told my friends and told her that they know. In the bar I wasn't talking to her that much so my friends wouldn't think that we were getting serious and so that she would still look single I think this p*ssed her off too cause she was getting more cold. then a guy approaches him and flirts with her and she flirts back. it wasn't fine with me but I acted nonchalant about it. I sat farther away from her so she wouldn't be ashamed of doing something with the guy and I was getting jealous. my friend talked to the guy and told him to stop. I dint know this till it was over.i didn't call her for two days because I was too embarrassed at what happened. she then called me and asked me if I was mad. I told her no and what was I going to be mad at. she then told me about my friend talking to the guy flirting with him and told me that I was acting a little bit off when she started flirting with the guy. I explained to her that it was just fine with me. she then tells me how I made her feel that I was getting serious with her then she told me she was sorry if she hurt my feelings and how she didn't want a relationship but didn't want to lose our friendship. I argued a bit that I had no feelings for her. I didn't want to complicate things so I decided to just go with it. then she told me that the benefits part would be gone because she thinks it was inappropriate. we stopped texting. did she quit because she was developing something for me? if she did how do I get her back. I like her. and why does she want to just be plain friends?

when we were arguing. she argued that I was having feelings for her. I told her I didn't have feelings for her but I cared for her. she kept on telling me things that make her think I was having feelings for her.
it was like she was trying to squeeze out the three little words to her "i love you"

i just want to find out if she have feelings for me and if she does how do I get her back. I can have a relationship with her. she had great personality
her friends also keep telling me not to expect anything from her and that she doesn't care about me. I was thinking that these girls were just jealous of her. LOL.. is there any possibilty?
i think I love her
she called me.. just when I was about to call her.. she asked me why wasn't I calling her. did I have another girls... she told me that I agreed on being frieds then why didn't I text her? so does it really mean she has something for me?
im so confused.. I f***ing miss her so much
so I finally called her. took me three calls before she answered. when she finally answered I tried to be nonchalant about it. asked her where she was and how she was doing. she told me she's happy. I told her that was good. then she told me to hangup
because she was eating. told me to call again later. I texted her asked her if it was a good time to call her. she told me no cause she had many textmates. so I told her ill call her someother time. I also told her I miss her. and her only reply was ok.
so is this it? is it the end? does that mean its over for me
now I think I lost my chance. she doesn't answer my calls anymore.. haven't tried calling her again.. I'm thinking she changed her no already. and I'm too scared to hear a recording saying that the number I'm calling no longer exists
i love her


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  • Let me tell you something. I went through this same scenario almost exactly four months ago. I tried to have "the talk" with my guy so that he would commit to me. Although he agreed to exclusivity, he never asked me to be his girlfriend, and I suspected that during the time we were together he cheated on me at least once. Look, you can't have your cake and eat it too. If you are not willing to risk the social repercussions of your friends knowing about the two of you as a couple (why you care so much what other people think I can't reckon), let her go. She clearly has feelings for you and suspects that you have feelings for her too.

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      Typo- your friends to 'know not 'low'


      ' - don't humor her talking about feelings '

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      Thanks for best answer. I hope everything works out for the better.