Lesbians. How did you know you were lesbian?

I have been questioning my sexuality a lot lately. I have an inner hatred towards men for personal reasons, and I can't decipher whether or not I just don't like men or if I am a lesbian. Sometimes I look at some girls and they just look so pretty to me, and I can't decide if I am attracted to them or if I just think they are pretty. I am also not opposed to the idea of hooking up with a girl. Does this make sense? Anyways I would like to know how you came to the realization that you were gay. Any thoughts?


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  • i think the easiest way to tell would be to meet one, and hang out with them (I mean like hang out with them as a friend) that will give you a chance to better understand not only the lesbian culture, but they can introduce you to lesbian clubs and other lesbians. If you find you are attracted to one of them, ask them on a date and try it.

    If you through the process realize that you are not attracted to females, and just think they are pretty than you know that you may not be a lesbian.

    Keep in mind the line is not clear cut. I consider myself straight, however I watch lesbian p*rn and fantasize about sex with women. That being said I have no desire to actually date any females or even to kiss them.

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      Thank you. I honestly think I may be just like you with that last statement you made. But I think I may take your advice just to make sure....

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      You also said you just have no desire to be with men. Are you not sexually attracted to them? It is possible that you are asexual (doesnt mean you are not a gender, cause you are a girl but that you are not attracted to either gender)