Should I kiss my friend?

Ok, so there's this guy and he's one of my best friends, we kinda don't want boyfriends or girlfriends, but we flirt a lot, and me and him and some of our other friends are gonna go see a movie. Would it be bad if we kissed, he always talks about stuff like that, and I'm okay with it, but would that lead into a relationship? He's really nice and sweet and funny, and I'd love to kiss him, but would it ever go further?

Yeah.. that movie never happened,but for those of you wondering, I'm seeing a movie with him for valentines day ooh, and he said he liked me. [yeah I've known but it makes a difference when he gets up the guts to say it] and I'm so going for it. <3


Most Helpful Girl

  • Kiss him! He talks about it and you are seeing a movie! If he acts shocked at first, that is okay. Start out on the cheek and then move on from there. Watch his response. For all you know, maybe he wants to be your boyfriend but doesn't ask you this because he's afraid of rejection.