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Should I kiss my friend?

Ok, so there's this guy and he's one of my best friends, we kinda don't want boyfriends or girlfriends, but we flirt a lot, and me and him and some... Show More

Yeah.. that movie never happened,but for those of you wondering, I'm seeing a movie with him for valentines day ooh, and he said he liked me. [yeah I've known but it makes a difference when he gets up the guts to say it] and I'm so going for it. <3

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  • Kiss him! He talks about it and you are seeing a movie! If he acts shocked at first, that is okay. Start out on the cheek and then move on from there. Watch his response. For all you know, maybe he wants to be your boyfriend but doesn't ask you this because he's afraid of rejection.

What Guys Said 2

  • Kiss him, he'll most likely like it. He might be confused and blush at first but not that many guys will get mad or whatever. In fact I'd love a kiss right about now..

  • If you initiate physical affection with him from the get-go, you're going to let him know that that's what he can expect from you... and he will. let him make the moves and make sure he respects you when you guys hang out. if you take the lead early, you will ensure that he most likely never will. my advice: if you want him to be invested in your relationship, let him figure out how much he's willing to work at it - don't just give him what you think he wants.

What Girls Said 7

  • Just kiss him on the cheek in a friend fun loving way!

  • I don't see any harm in kissing him, but if your relationship turns awkward and you get too embarrassed to talk to him, I suggest you tell him you just want to be friends.

  • Aww that's awesome good for you! I wish you guys the best of luck :

  • So it's been 2 months since you posted this have you kissed him yet??? :)

    You know... I'm the same way with my best friend and I've asked myself a million and one times if I should kiss him and it doesn't seem to matter how many times I ask myself the answer is always yes I would... and I would because he's my best friend I love him.... It would be funny but romantic at the same time and 3rd just because I want to and I know because he's my best friend he accepts me for being me so it takes a lot of pressure off my shoulders. Let me know if you kissed him! I'm really curious if you did and how it went.

  • Well. Sometimes a friendship can turn into the best relationship with someone. "Love is friendship set on fire" I forgot who said that but it wasn't me. lol. But if you want to remain JUST friends, I would suggest you don't kiss him. It can confuse and end up hurting both of you. But if you have thoughts about maybe starting a relationship, definitely kiss him. You just need to know what you want out of this, and go for it. Consider him too though. Good luck girl! -Megan

  • Don't worry about if you guys kiss at the movies then that should mean something so just go with the flow.

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