Peeing G-spot orgasms?

I think I know how to do them but I've heard that girls feel like they need to pee and that some girls have actually pee'd not ejaculate but released their bladder, is this true and have any girls done it


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  • do you mean having sex when you have to pee?

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  • thats called squirting.

    • some girls can't tell the difference and think they do, or actually do. depends. and no, I havent

    • Yeh I know but have you or any girl peed herself by doing it or is it just cum?

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  • The pee won't hurt you, as it is essentially sterile. Besides stimulating the G-spot, put a towel beneath you between her p**** and your face, and encourage the girl to pee while aroused if she feels she wants to, even in your face. Overcoming the lifelong tendency to hold back her pee is part of what leads to the G-spot orgasm.

  • there are a lot of us that would be happy if you DID pee...