Why are gay men gay?

I'm kinda curious to know why are gay men gay? is there something that they don't like about women or just personal preference?


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  • Gay men are gay for the same reason you are straight. It's not a choice, it's just that they are only attracted to other men whereas a straight person is only attracted to the opposite sex. It's not something you have control over. It's not that they have anything against women, they are just simply not attracted to them in a romantic or sexual way.


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  • I believe sexual preferance is in the mind and that being homosexual is like having any other kind of fetich. What is the cause? Only the person who has the fetich knows.

    • That was why I raised the question and was just curious about the whole men being with men thing, and whyyyy? but I guess they just do it because they can and they feel that women are just not their thing!

  • one of my family members is gay and he used to like girls and suddenly he switched teams

    • lool weird...but its logicall that men cannot get pregnant and its only women that do...so what's the point?

  • I have an acquaitance who is gay and his reasons are women aren't as sexually consistent as men, they smell and they're overly emotional. Plus, he likes eating corn dogs and getting butt hammered.

    Those are just a few of the reasons I've heard (He reminds me almost every time I see him while we're playing chess so as to distract me. It doesn't work anymore).

    • many gay men are very emotional too, but still what does it mean when you say not sexualy consistent?

    • Basically, he means it's easier to get a man into bed than a woman because there's less "barriers" to surface. He doesn't have to romantize a man, where as he would have to romantize women most of the time.

  • That's like asking why are lesbians lesbian that's just how they are I mean we all are born a certain way.. I'm BIsexaul and I didn't chose it I didn't wake up and think I like girls and guys...I just was attracted to girls and guy..I actually denied it for 2 years before I actually accepted it

    • Its a choice. If you take 100 straight women and put them on an island with no men after a while some of them will start having sex with each other same thing goes for men. Its a choice.

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  • It's not a choice. They are born that way.

    • just like Lady Gaga said

    • realy? no man it can't be...there has to be a reason

    • Deny it all you want. But that's the truth. They are born that way, just as you (presumably) were born straight, and never made a conscious decision to be attracted to the opposite sex.

  • The same reason straight people are straight--born that way.

  • after reading your responses to answers I feel this needs to be said. (I'm not gay, so I take my opinions with a grain of salt): Gay men aren't denying that heterosexuality is incredibly practical (its practical for a man to have sex with a woman because then the woman might get pregnant, give birth, and keep the human race alive, etc.) And I imagine that the only thing "wrong" with a woman that would make a gay man not be attracted to her is that she isn't a man. Gay men are just not turned on/attracted to women in the way that they are to men. So if they want to be in a relationship where they are attracted to their significant other, they have to be in a homosexual relationship. Why are they attracted to men like this but not women? probably for the same reason that you have certain color eyes, certain color hair, and are attracted to women but not men. Its the result of your DNA.

    • Perhaps you are right! cos I been always wondering... I'm now starting to think they are genetically like that too besed they way they move, talk & some are quite quite feminine & I thought it was all an act but it seems like it is like being born with a different eye color...but ye, thanks for the comment.

  • I'm sure some people can choose but most of them have always been that way. I have a friend who never dated girls and I knew was always different. He came out about being gay and his family doesn't talk to him anymore. Why would he "choose" to be hated by his family? He was very depressed for a while until he got help but he is like a brother and I love him to death. I support him for something he can't control. I mean I can't just suddenly like guys that doesn't even compute for me so I know I'm straight. Could you suddenly get turned on by men? Probably not which makes you straight.

  • Another question that I asked here and was almost pounded in the ass. Men are here to f*** while the women are here to be f***ed. Same question stands for lesbians as well.

  • I blame Glee. No one can ever be born gay. You can be born a transgender but that doesn't automatically make you gay. That's just like murderers being born murderers or racists being born racists. Being gay is a choice whether you like it or not.

    • That is what I am trying to say but why? what is wrong with women?

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    • I personally only go for women when it comes to sex and I'm not against gay ppl, I don't care what they do, everyone is free to do what they want...But do gay men think that women are not made for men? when men & women are natural pairs to reproduce? arn;t they? so since men don't have a vagina why go for men? they can't produce kids..i just like to know why that's all

    • yea I agree. I have nothing against gay people either, but I am a strict believer of natural selection and evolution. the penis and vagina were made for each other. if the anus was meant for sexual intercourse, it would secrete natural lubrication like the vagina does.

  • You don't just get gay, I think you're pre-programed to be. My brother is, and I had a feeling he always was.

    • So according to his belief system women and men are not made for one another?

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    • ok fair enough if that's what he wants then let him be...thats what I wanted to know if its just personal preference...cos I thought gay men had something against women. But thanks for the comment

    • Nope, he thinks chicks are hot too.. his feelings are just for guys.