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Can you feel it when a man cums inside you?

Or do you not feel it at all?

If there is a feeling when that happens how would you describe it?

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  • Yes, you can definitely feel it.but it's a sometimes thing ! you feel his penis become very hard and then comes the throbbing, pumping feeling, and the head gets very rigid, and then you feel the warm ejaculate inside of you.

    • Rather erotic to read, scorpio89. Fanning off the sweat now.

What Guys Said 1

  • God willing I'll never know this feeling!

    • Better stay out of prison, then.

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    • You find a man's transformation from criminal to 'loonatic who wears make-up on his hand' amusing? It isn't just the mad men who suffer either, there's families have to fund thier twisted desires... have you any idea how much make-up they use, how much it costs? Some of these poor family members have to have 2 jobs just so thier loved ones won't indulge in penis whilst behind bars

What Girls Said 3

  • oh yes very much so - it feels warm and squirty if he shoots it very hard. I assume you men in my vagina because obviously I can feel it in my mouth

  • yes I can feel it whether or not he's wearing a condom. I find that his last thrusts become slightly more intense as it pushes against my g-spot - most of the time it triggers a climax in me too. This is just vaginal sex though, I can't fee it when he comes in my butt .

    I describe it as a "tightening of his cock" rubbing against me.

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