How to end a friends with benefits relationship?

There's this guy who I've known literally my whole life (our parents have been best friends since high school). Though not very close, we were always friends (he's a few years older) but we just recently began getting intimate in our relationship this February when I moved. Though I wanted to be in... Show More

Most Helpful Girl

  • The next time you two hang out, tell him how you feel. Say that you want a real relationship, not a friends with benefits (even if he denies that your relationship is a fwb, it's pretty obvious that it is). Tell him that you'd love to keep hanging out and being his friend, but that the physical part is over as you need to start moving on and finding someone looking for the same things you are.

    It's honest, to the point, and it's not insulting. Then KEEP to your word. If you go back on that and hook up with him again outside of a relationship, he won't take a word you say seriously after that. In fact, he'll probably pressure even harder, and make up lies to keep the physical part going. He's going to attempt to change your mind about it, but unless his decision is to commit, stick to your guns.