Why do guys say they want to still be friends when they don't?

Why do guys say they want to be friends and keep in touch when they aren't planning to do either? Why is that? After my break up with my ex he said what can be friends and to keep in touch, but I have been doing that but he doesn't say anything back to me...why is that?


Most Helpful Guy

  • Guys and girls do this. Part of it is that we all have good and bad elements to our personalities. Sometimes people put up with us when they are getting something out of it, but once that reward is gone (and it could definitely be the physical side) then we see that the balance isn't there and move on. If I found a girl somewhat annoying but was enjoying the physical fun then I would put up with it. But once that was gone I'd be left with the annoying personality and think that it wasn't worth my time. Not saying that's you, but in general break-ups can happen when people are tired of each other's crap, so why keep on dealing with it?

    Also some people like to cut off contact altogether so that old feelings aren't stirred up. If you really like someone but can't have her, what's good about being in touch with her? Hope can be a terrible thing and so it's better to walk away.