Do "friends with benefits" relationships always end badly?

Theres a guy that I have hooked up with many times for 2 years or more. I used to have really strong feelings for him but over time and as I've matured and realized that I would never want to actually be with him, those feelings have gone away. Yesterday we met up for the first time in a couple months and hooked up..and today I have just been thinking a lot about it and if its a good idea. I think I want to end all contact with him and just take him out of my life but I'm not sure what to do. Sometimes I just feel like I would rather have him in my life like this, than not have him in it at all. Which sounds really stupid...Any suggestions?

This question is for guys you get as emotionally attached with sex as girls do? And are you just better at hiding it? or are there usually no feelings involved when its just sex with a girl? please be truthful!


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  • I don't know if they _always_ end badly, but in my experience they tend to end badly.

    I don't think you sound stupid by wanting him as an FWB, if it's the only option. But I also don't think it's healthy or reasonable of you to do FWB. It'll be difficult, if not impossible, for you to separate your emotions. People get emotionally attached to their sexual partners -- especially women do this.

    I suggest you do no contact for a fixed period -- three months, perhaps. This might be a good compromise. 3 months to get level-headed and clear your mind and clear your heart. After 3 months, you can re-evaluate what you want from him, and from each other.

    Good luck!

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      We have gone 3, even 5 months without any contact at all and somehow end up coming up into eachothers lives and hooking up AGAIN and AGAIN. I don't know why or what that means but its like we can't stay away from eachother. it is difficult to separate emotions from sex for sure...i wish that guys had the same problem.

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      Omg..i'm totally on the same boat as u.