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What do you girls think about Mike Comrie?

Based solely on his looks - do you think he's pretty, beautiful, hot ...or something else? Would you only want to sleep with him, one night stand or... Show More

I had no idea who he was until I saw this picture of him: link

And based solely on this picture of him (and erase everything you might know about him) - still ugly ?

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  • He's decent looking. Not drop dead gorgeous, but above average. He needs a different style of pants, though! Somehow, it looks like he's wearing skinny jeans that are baggy in most of the photos...

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  • Yikes I can't believe Hilary married that!

    • Why? Would you not send him signals if he was an unknown (please remember, that's what I requested in my question - which girls don't seem to comprehend)

  • I would want nothing from him, he's not at all attractive.

  • No. I dont. I'm not attracted to him at all based solely on his looks/

  • Maybe just a friend because I don't find him attractive

    • picky ;p

    • I'm not the only one who doesn't find him attractive...

  • Eww.. him and his veneer beaver teeth wife! I don't know something about his face makes him look like a drug addict to me lol.. I honestly had no idea who he is by name.. Thus I don't think about him.. He is far from beautiful! But he's pretty.. PrettyUgly!

  • Based solely on Comrie's looks well his forehead is too large and square like Frankenstein. His face is a babyface.

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