I'm going to say it: Beauty is a cure. Now attack me but tell me why...

I used to be really overweight. I have a really pointy noise and an angular face and giant hips. People used to tell me I was ugly all the time or... Show More

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  • I think wrote this while you were a bit angry so you sound kind of mean, though you probably aren´t. But it´s OK, I wrote questions angry too.

    People tend to put other people in specific roles. And for most people, other people cannot change into another role, they have a destiny that society chose for them, and that is it, you cannot change. Some people do nothing to change and conform to what society expects from them. Other people, like you, change and develop into something else. The problem is that people don´t like changing the idea the already have about you. They want you to stay the way they imagine you forever.

    You were the fat, ugly girl and to girls especially that is wonderful because you are not considered a threat. They wanted you to be fat and ugly forever so that they could be the pretty, skinny ones forever. You were supposed to be single, fat and ugly forever. But you didn´t, you changed. Therefore, you didn´t do what people expected from you. That is one of the reasons people around you (girls of course) started resenting you.

    The other reason is that being beautiful is not always that easy. I have never "changed" like you, I was always considered pretty (like many other girls, I´m not super special and I don´t want to sound bigheaded) and I can´t tell you how many times I encountered hate from other girls, jealousy. When you are pretty the first thing people see is beauty which is something good, right? Well, when people see something good, they inmediatly think: "she can´t be perfect, there has to be something wrong with her". So they start looking for your faults. You become slutty, stupid, silly, no brains, a whore, a boyfriend thief, bigheaded, arrogant, a bad person...

    I think you should forget people who bother you, find new friends, leanr how to live with a great figure and appreciate the good things being healthy and young can bring.

    • Beauty is power and it takes intelligence to wield it wisely.

    • Good answer. I like your perspective :) I guess I have such a hard time with it because it's so new to me.

    • Yes, of course, it takes times to adapt to anything new; just don't let other people bring you down. Thanks for BA!