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I don't want to be friends with benefits anymore...should I stop texting him?

I actually thought he liked me, but it turns out I'm just a hookup to him. Next time he texts me to hang out, what should I say? I don't want to... Show More

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  • And this, ladies and gentlemen, is why I don't condone to "friends with benefits" relationships. Sooner or later, someone's gonna get hurt. Seriously, either stay single or establish a committed relationship.As for what you should do, you should tell him straight up the real deal. No point in stressing over this any further in a passive-aggressive way.

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  • Then you may decide to remain friends without benefits. Just talk about it with him.

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  • Make it clear to him that you do not want to do anything sexually intimate with him anymore. Announce that from here on out you will be his friend and nothing more.

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