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I want the guy that wants my best friend... help!

okay so around 2 years ago, I was in love with a guy and he wasn't feeling the same way and he got out of my life and blabla... not long ago, he met... Show More

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  • You may not have him. Why would you press it again anyway? He said no originally and only deals with you because of your friend. This is kind of a non starter. You must learn early on not to chase pipe dreams. Don't be that girl who can't move on. There are too many women like that out here already. You have to be better.

What Guys Said 3

  • Date someone else.

  • You know you might just have fake feelings if you kiss him you and him might feel something else, so if you sill love him after kissing him then philapenn might be right.

What Girls Said 2

  • You control yourself. Stop thinking you're "in love" with him, first of all. Figure out where the real attraction lies. And then get over him. Avoid him if you must, but stop entertaining the idea that you two could ever be together. First of all, he doesn't want you. Blatantly. Secondly, he's your best friend's boyfriend. Behave like a friend.

    Don't let yourself say "I'm so in love with him," "We'd be great together," "He's so cute," or any variation. Stop yourself from thinking about him and start looking toward other guys and other pursuits.

    If you really like him, I understand it's going to be hard to get over him. But you have no other choice.

  • youre just a terrible friend

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