Why do people call guys who don't have girlfriends, Gay?

I'm a shy, quiet guy in college. That is my choice because I'm not in college to socialize, make friends or talk to women. College to me is work, studying, and just that only. What I don't appreciate is people calling me gay just because I choose to be single.

I'm not gay, In fact I'm far from it. I don't have a girlfriend and I'm not gonna have one for a while. It's nobody's business anyways, so they should butt out and let me focus on myself. I will not chase random women I do not know, which is half the women at my college.

Why do people call guys who don't have girlfriends, gay? I'm not gay and I don't appreciate it when people call me that just because I choose not to talk to women. That's not what college is to me. I'm 23.


Most Helpful Guy

  • I know the feeling exactly. I find it kinda frustrating at times, because I'm expected to be all sexually expressive towards women, yet this is on the same campus telling me that it's misogyny to be sexually expressive towards women.

    But also, yeah, I came to college for engineering. It's my hobby and my passion. If you came to college to socialize and drink, that's a hella expensive party. And chances are, I'd have trouble taking someone like that seriously, let alone date them. I only date girls who are passionate about intellectual things.

    I had a girl recently who thought I was gay on the basis that I was single, and that I wasn't violent. I mean, really? It was no surprise, then, when she told me about how big of jerks her exes were. For crying out loud, you think a guy is gay just because he isn't violent?! You're actively CHOOSING jerks.

    Of course, I'm not homophobic in the slightest. If someone says "dude, are you gay." I say "not exactly. But thanks for the compliment." There's nothing more destructive and oppressive towards men than homophobia. Gotta be a "real man" and f*** some chicks. Gotta be a "real man" and beat people up if they insult you. Gotta be a "real man" and think all other guys are ugly. To that I say, "Take that boyish BS and shove it into your eyes so you can see how full of sh*t you really are. You Jersey Shore sock puppet." I'll have sex when I meet a girl who meets my standards and we hit it off.

    Until then, I have some signal demultiplexers to design. Not because I'm "that bored", but because I'm "that interested" in learning, growing, and expanding, rather than shoving cocktails down my throat and shoving my "cocktail" down random girls' throats.