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Orgasmic moment, what are you doing?

Ok. It's 8pm at your house, you and your partner is having amazing sex, their rhythm is nothing less than perfect. You are steadily inching closer... Show More

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  • Pushing deep inside her, and holding her tight to my body. I'm also sweating, and breathing hard. I may moan a bit. If I can, I'm looking right in her eyes watching her come as hard as I'm cumming.

What Girls Said 3

  • Ha, digging my nails into his back or squeezing his arms.

  • Me: Quietly screaming (inside of my head), digging my nails in to his arms/sides/back, thrusting a little bit, gasping for air, not making a sound.

    Him: Thrusts really fast, goes balls deep, lets out a sigh.

  • grabbing his arms hard and mouth open not breathing

    • lol that's funny

What Guys Said 5

  • pushing myself as deep as I could holding her as tight as I could, eyes closed, screaming inside, sweating as my balls explode and my load shoots out.

  • Go possible deep, make fastest thrust, loose my every muscles and let it go...first spurt an big mangy moan and remaining shots relax breath and say 'oh god, I need it once again'

  • Rolling your eyes in the back of your head?

    • yup

  • Thinking about Tom Brady in all his greatness.

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