Why is lesbian experimentation more acceptable than gay experimentation?

I know homosexuality has become more accepted in our society. Not entirely. However, it seems as though it' more 'proper' to be lesbian than gay. In your opinion, why?


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  • The homophobic answers on here disturb me a little...

    As for lesbian sex being more "acceptable", it's because straight men get turned on by basically anything feminine. Putting two women together is femininity x2. Also boobies x2. Easy math. Also, generally women are more open to experimenting. A woman's body is also seen as attractive (mostly) by both sexes. Hence, a lot of women are OK with lesbian sex, too.

    As for gay sex, it becomes a bit more complicated. Some women are into it, some aren't. As for men, not so much, because it's "gaaaaaaay ewwww". It's not "masculine" enough. It's disgusting because it's "foreign" to them. Hypocritical if you ask me, seeing as both lesbian sex and gay sex are about two people of the same gender... having sex with each other.


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  • Because most men are attracted to lesbians or seeing two women together and the majority of women are grossed out by gay men.

  • because men are afraid that other men will treat them like how they usually treat women

  • B/c this society is male dominated plus the fact. that women are more sexually objectified (esp in media) then men are.

    • Hmm, this is an even better answer than BA.

  • I thought it was acceptable in both parties?

    Either way that's not natural.

    • You thought wrong. Homosexual behavior in males is very harshly judged in most world societies unless it's a total 360 and highly praised with sexual relations with women being for procreating only. It's just something that history has shown.

  • Because nobody wants to see two guys play hide the salami. It's really that simple.

    On a side note: some women watch gay p*rn but they don't "respect" it. Besides men run the world and hate gay guys. And plus women are more nurturing so seeing them hold hands is "no big deal". Put all these together and you've got a very logical double standard.

  • gay men are gross

  • Because lesbians turn men on where gay men don't turn women on and grosses out most straight men.


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  • What lesbians do would be considered 'fooling around' by everyone but lesbians.

    What gay men do would be considered a bigger deal then sex by most straight couples.

    I don't actually think that's the reason why, but it's true :p

  • are you sad? that you wish you and your boyfriend could be more accepted? awwwww !

    • Hahaha! Made me laugh... no, seriously. Because you're an ignoramus. I'm just the type of person who believes in tolerance and respect, regardless if you like the somrone or their lifestyle.

      This is a matter of me being curious of others' thoughts, not wanting acceptance. Again, you're ignorant.

  • Lesbian sex doesn't involve poop. It's easier to accept. Plus the fact that girl on girl is HAWT.

    Two boys effing is one of those things that a lot of people don't get. By comparison, two girls getting it on is beautiful. It's girls...And there's TWO of em! :-)

  • Let's be honest how attractive is it to watch two guys going at it? Women, I think, universally have more attractive and sexual bodies. That could be part of the reason?

    • Let's be honest though, most real life gay men are handsome whereas most real life lesbians are hiddeous.

    • Lmao. Truth

  • Socially it's more sexually appealing. I don't really have ( or need ) an opinion on the matter; the concept of two women simply sells more and combined with sexual fluidity and social implications of sexual behavior it's just the natural universal fit.

  • the female body is generally a thing of beauty...

    the male body, not so much...

    when you go from 'experimenting' to 'being', this paradigm changes...

  • Because women find guys ugly so therefore 2 guys kissing is even worse to them

  • Because women find gay guys kissing gross.