Why is lesbian experimentation more acceptable than gay experimentation?

I know homosexuality has become more accepted in our society. Not entirely. However, it seems as though it' more 'proper' to be lesbian than gay. In your opinion, why?


Most Helpful Girl

  • The homophobic answers on here disturb me a little...

    As for lesbian sex being more "acceptable", it's because straight men get turned on by basically anything feminine. Putting two women together is femininity x2. Also boobies x2. Easy math. Also, generally women are more open to experimenting. A woman's body is also seen as attractive (mostly) by both sexes. Hence, a lot of women are OK with lesbian sex, too.

    As for gay sex, it becomes a bit more complicated. Some women are into it, some aren't. As for men, not so much, because it's "gaaaaaaay ewwww". It's not "masculine" enough. It's disgusting because it's "foreign" to them. Hypocritical if you ask me, seeing as both lesbian sex and gay sex are about two people of the same gender... having sex with each other.