How to get over getting lied about the past (she took my virginity)?

Ok so I have been with my girlfriend for slightly more than 2 years and as the title states it, this is my first relationship. She knew I was a virgin and has never even kissed a girl before. Everything was totally new to me but eventually I became a fast learner on time.

After telling her I was a virgin, she told me about only being with 2 bfs in the past and well I thought 'Ok no big deal, at least she was in a relationship''. Then one year into the relationship (I had already lost my virginity by then), she said it was really with 5 and 3 were ONS. But I'm still so much in love and it being my first, it's harder to just let go so I tried to get pass that.

Now recently she comes with the full truth but only after taking her to a friend's party and some guy calling out her name. I obviously wanted to know what's going on by then. She then tells me that it's really around 18-21 and how she was ashamed of her past for the longest but couldn't say it at the same.

Part of me feels like one of those suckers that has to be lied to that extend. I hate how I was led on. I'm still upset about all this whole thing. At the same time, I'm trying to get over it but can't.
Not only is the number too high but most of her past consist of ONS and FWB. The only little truth she said was about having 2 bfs (I'm her 3rd) but I had no idea it was really only 3 serious relationship out of many casual ones.