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Would girls still be attracted to guys if they did not have penises?

i mean consciously you obviously don't think about it, but doesn't that have a lot to do with it. that man and woman want what the other does not... Show More

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  • Hypothetically, whatever he had would be how he was designed, so women would still be attracted to him. Like, they wouldn't know any difference? If we all had trunks instead of noses, we wouldn't think it's weird because it would just be the way it was.

What Girls Said 4

  • If they didn't have penises, what would they have? There has to be some way to make babies so that would be equal to it.

    I'm not really attracted to penises so if he didn't have but was still goo and masculine looking otherwise, I'd still be attracted to him

  • Lol, um No.

    I love a man for being a man.

    I wouldn't wanna be with no woman.

    I don't care if we never have sex because love is dope! I love being in love.

  • No. How would we have sex?

What Guys Said 2

  • A lot of girls don't think about this at the beginning of a relationship unless they're only trying to get laid

  • probably more attractive. Half of girls seem to find it unattractive

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