Belly button on a girl?

Girls do you like touching ,licking ,sucking by guys in you are Belly button? is that arouse u?


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  • I like it being licked and kissed but that's it. I hate when guys suck, it's uncomfortable. Also, I hate when guys play with my belly ring. My ex would grab it with his teeth and tug on it. Don't yank my body jewelry, that's not sexy! :-)


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  • Yes, but when I do it its not to be arousing, but more for the fact I can, and he's Mine. Its something I've found few girls do. Guys need physical acknowledgment too. Girls want kisses on the cheek, forehead and all, but guys do to. Its a sensual, slow kind of forgotten touch kiss or lick. The media thinks all people wanna do is f*** quick and steamy. That's all it is. Making love seems to be a forgotten art.

  • Yes but almost every guy I been with hardly kisses or touch my stomach or even at all and I have a flat stomach. I be wanting them to kiss it but they don't do it own there own

    • May be those guys are blind LOL

    • No, its just that area is just not bothered much at all and I don't be thinking about it myself but when a guy does kiss there, and around the vag*na, I enjoy it. but I just been thinking sometimes that most of the guys I been with don't want to do that or think about it. Its not much foreplay like I think it used to be. I guess to some guys its a waste of time when they just want to get to the point. idk

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  • Kissing and touching is my favorite licking and sucking is just disgusting