So how exactly does that yearly exam feel like...

Does it hurt? Does it feel like getting fingered?When exactly should you get it done? I''m still a virgin and my doctor told me that I shouldn't get it until I was 21 and I just turn 21 not too long ago. Do you have a yearly exam in order to be given birth control?


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  • It doesn't hurt, but it does not feel good either.

    Basically it's just kind of uncomfortable, like going to the dentist. At the dentist they make you hold your mouth open and poke around with tools that pinch but do not hurt. At the gynecologist they put a speculum (a metal contraption that holds everything open for you) and poke around with a cotton swab that pinches but does not hurt.

    The most uncomfortable part is when they insert the speculum, because it's cold and hard and does not have any give whatsoever. But again, it doesn't hurt, it's just uncomfortable.

    It's cold because air will get into your vaginal canal, where air does not usually go.

    Sometimes my doctor will also want to check my organs with her fingers, so after the speculum she shoves a hand up there. That doesn't feel so great either. lol. Basically she's feeling around to make sure everything is where it is supposed to be.

    None of it feels anything like sex because it all completely bypasses any of the 'feel good' areas. It doesn't take very long, so after you're done you get to regain your dignity. =P


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  • Just for the record, they use water a a lube, so to stop it from being cold, don't be afraid to ask for them to use warm water. ;) lol


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  • Trust me when I say that when it's all done and over with you'll be wondering why you were ever worried at all. I remember when I had my first exam just a little over a year ago. I remember being so panicked that I thought everyone in the office could hear my heart. But then I met the doctor ( a woman!) and we talked and she eased all of my concerns. I made sure to ask exactly what was going to happen so I wouldn't be surprised. What you should know though is that it's likely that there'll be a nurse in the room as well when you're being given the exam. You can talk with the doc alone though =) When I walked out of the office, I was giddy to the point of giggling because I was so relieved. You'll do fine.

  • It is fairly unpleasant, one part is kinda like being fingered but the nurse also inserts a metal thing inside your vagina. I don't think you should get this exam if you're still a virgin.

    • It's important to get them yearly after you turn 21 though, because after 21 you become more susceptible to cervical cancer. Getting cervical cancer has nothing to do with having sex, so even if you are a virgin it's a good idea to get things checked on.

  • you're supposed to get a yearly exam as soon as you become sexually active, I don't know what drug your doctor is on. but pelvic exams don't hurt, nor are they pleasurable. it's just awkward and brief I've heard. I'm on birth control, I'm not sexually active, and I've never had an exam. but everyone who I've heard from has said that it's no pain, it only takes a few seconds, and the instruments they use are cold. but it's not like getting fingered lol, your doctor isn't there to please.

    • Okay! Thanks.

    • So, you don't have to have the exam if you want to get on the pill because ure thinking about having sex?

  • I'm having my first exam tomorrow, and I'm kind of nervous. I've heard it's uncomfortable, but not painful...hopefully that's true lol. You don't have to have an exam to be on birth control though. I've been on four different birth control pills, and have never had and exam.

    • Okay. Thanks. Good luck with that.