How do women like men to play/touch/lick their breasts during sex?

I'm curious to know what women prefer us to do when leading up to and during sex.


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  • i like him to cup them gently with his hands and suck on them, and also run his hands along my back and then front while taking my shirt off and bra...the bra part is the cutest when he tries to get it open ahahah


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  • During doggy style reach around and massage them. Massaging them anytime actually is great. Lick and suck, just don't be obnoxious about it. Like don't sit and suck on her nipples for five minutes straight. Mostly just tease. Like caress them, then flick your tongue on her nipples, caress again, then suck a little. Just vary it. Don't keep doing the same thing or it gets really annoying and uncomfortable.

    • Oh and same tips with the clit by the way. Both areas are just to sensitive to be... mauled I guess is the best word.

  • I kind of enjoy a little light biting on my nipples but that's not for everyone, especially if they are really sensitive...


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