Why don't girls stare??

When I go to the steam room at my local gym, I wear my shorts really low down so at least half of my dick is showing and all my pubes.

But girls take one quick look and then somehow don't look again.

I mean if a girl walk in showing cleavage, us guys would stare loads.

Why is this girls? Why do you not stare?

Also can I get in trouble for doing this?


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  • I'm going to be brutally honest with you. If a woman sees your shorts is halfway down your butt and your pubes are showing, she's going to assume you're some kind of sick exhibitionist and she's not going to want to look at you because she's not going to find you attractive.

    If a woman DOES find you attractive, she'll look, but she won't ogle. That's just not the way we do it. We're a lot more polite and subtle than guys. And we don't typically stare at the crotch. When I'm at the gym, I subtly check out guys with ripped chest, broad shoulders, nice butt. I don't really stare at the crotch. But if I see a guy trying to let his groin hang out halfway, I'd avoid him.

    It's a myth that women aren't visual. We are. If women weren't visual creatures too, then it shouldn't matter if a guy is balding and overweight. And yet we all prefer a guy with a nice body.

    However, women only ogle at guys we find attractive while guys will ogle large boobs on basically anyone. If a woman doesn't find you attractive, she's not going to feel inclined to ogle your body parts. I only peek at the bods of guys I have a crush on.

    And yes, you CAN get in trouble for it. Most gyms have policies on what's considered descent. If someone reported that you weren't properly dressed while OUTSIDE of the dressing room, you CAN get in trouble.


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  • We are totally not interested in your d*** for one.

  • girls are less visual stimulated then guys. and they don't want to be caught looking at some guys pubes. or maybe you aren't as good looking as you think?

    • Ooh harsh haha is it bad that I kinda like it sorry dude but if you think that is attractive I don't think you are the brightest crayon in the box if you get my drift lol :)

  • because dicks aren't pretty to look at. also, if any girl were to stare at that, it would be because you're making a spectacle of yourself; you look ridiculous. wear clothes and stop thinking that the male anatomy is beautiful, because it's really NOT.

  • I'd be scared. and also I have a boyfriend so I wouldn't want to look, that's just way too much detail I don't want to know. chances are the girls in the gym don't even know your name before they get to see that so that's also actually probably turning them off.

  • haha because breasts are lovely and sexy (im a girl who thinks that) and well to be perfectly honest all you guys who say or think your dick is sexy lol...its not. what it can do to a women is but do I want to take a picture of it and put it on my wall hell no! lol..honestly I don't want to see it at all. why do guys call their dick sexy anyways do you think it will turn us on more haha ...cause it doesn't! lol well not for me anyways plus I know a lot of girls who feel the same.

    and yeah you could get in trouble with that ew! lol. omg ew!

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  • Why the hell do you do this?

  • You have received quite a few answers already, but I see one important factor they did not share with you. There is a difference in them watching and them having you know they are watching. If they were seeing from a point of view where they did not think you knew they could see, many of them would stare for quite a while. I guess it is embarrassing to them to have a guy know they are looking.

    • Haha no its because its descusting and don't want to see it again ;) if you guys think this would turn a girl on well...hahah I DON"T THINK SO! lol god just when you think ok guys are too clueless you get a shocker like this. I read this question and almost peed myself because its so funny! omg duh! lol

    • You should really read the answers from other females.Coolgirl09, nucorose, aenmaai gave the same answer that I did. Why do you think that you speak for all females. They almost always have their own and varying opinions.

    • Goingtotryandanswer

      Are you alright?I remember back in high school there were a few girls taking pics of guys dicks and even more of them grabbing them.My point is that no girl is one and the same and even some girl don't admit to how they really feel,so some never know.There are different type of girls and different type of guys.

  • they do. why do you think they wear sunglasses bigger than their head? lol, so they don't be obvious about it =P

  • They have dignity my friend.

  • Let me put it in context: You are flashing your genitals to women. I mean, cmon; Keep it in your pants. (I'm not going to say the "L" word, but take the hint.)

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