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What is lubricating jelly? do people use it for masterbation?


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  • I should hope not. I found some in one of my closets, and I've been putting it on toast. What's wrong with you people? ; - )

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  • It's jelly used to supplement or replace natural lubrication. If you're really curious, it's in most drugstores.

  • Something to reduce friction, and not everyone uses it, some people produce enough fluid on their own to not even need it.

  • It is basically a smooth substance that people put on their penis to make it slipperier, for, like, masturbation, or to make it easier to enter into a girl's vagina or anus, or, I guess, a guy's anus.

  • Yes, often it is. Females who masturbate with toys, often use lubrication. It is also used for anal sex. Many times for anal sex, it is necessary. Hope I answered your question. Don't grow up too fast, girls. he he.

What Girls Said 2

  • it's just lubrication, but it's like jelly, not liquid.. yeah you can use it for sex as well as masturbation, as well as any other lubrication.

  • you can always google it

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