Self pleasure (girls)

what have you used to masturbate with other than a dildo,fingers etc what random objects. curious to know


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  • I have my Sybian for those rare moments when the real thing is not available

    • Damn I am totally curious about the sybian..share experiences please?

    • I think for women the Sybian is the ultimate for self satisfaction. Just google Sybian and look at there website.

  • Hmm how about a tongue?

    • Explain how

    • That takes another person but it's still self pleasure, but I guess he's getting as much too. :-p

    • You have tongues laying around your house? Creepy

  • Personally .. I think only 4 things should ever go inside a girl: a vibrator, fingers, a d*ck, or a dildo.. I can't imagine using any other object because .. I just find that odd. I'm not saying it's bad .. just that I could never do that .. although I think a sybian would be nice to have


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  • UFO's are real dude

  • I am curious to hear these answer...Good question