If a guy goes down on a girl does that mean you're wanting sex?

So if a guy goes down on a girl does that mean that your basically saying you want to have sex? also I've known this guy for three weeks and I'm 23 btw and I'm still a virgin. Do guys like girls that are virgins or should I loose it to him later on than just knowing him for three weeks?


Most Helpful Girl

  • Sweetie you definitely want to wait...three weeks is a little too short to give something to someone that you can never get back again. Please be wise. And in a way YES by allowing him to perform oral sex on you, you are opening the door for further possibilities. And/or just leading him on. Which can make some men highly angry if your not careful. BUT he also could be going down on you to get you to give in until he gets the virginity, they drop you, or never eat your cushie again. You have to really think about it. But if you are having oral sex with him..your leading him on...he'll eventually expect more if he doesn't already.