Girls being naked inside house?

Do you girls enjoy being totally naked when you are home alone or do you like to put on something like bra or panties?


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  • well I like to walk around in just my bra and panties like before going out when I'm getting ready or something...but whenever I'm home alone I usually wear clothes, because its kinda not something I think about like, "hey I'm home alone why not take off all my clothes?" lol hope this makes sense =]]

    • Yea it does:)..but again I think its just being about more close to nature and to enjoy being yourself; nothing to feel ashamed of I believe..

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  • I wear clothes around the house because I live with my parents, but sometimes I just get really sick of clothes and hang out naked in my room (door locked, curtains shut all the way, haha). It's nice to just hang out in the buff sometimes. If my parents were gone for the weekend, no chance of them coming home or anyone walking in on me, I might be naked for a while. But I'm shy about my body! I'd probably wear boxers and a tank top or something.

  • I don't feel confident about my body so I would rather be wearing something if I had a better body I think I would walk around the house naked!

  • Panties and bra.I sleep in my panties and bra anyways,clothes weigh me down

  • i don't mind walking around my house naked

    when nobody's home but I pretty much sleep naked

  • When its just me and my boyfriend we walk around naked

  • Nononononono. I feel weird walking around with no clothes on, even if I'm alone.

  • well if no ones home I usually wear shorts and a bra for the top. but never naked

    • Cool...i believe it depends how one feels comfortable..i normally prefer to stay naked when I'm alone even if I have a boner.

  • If no one was at home I'd walk around naked(I usually do when I'm in my room and I don't sleep with any).Clothes are so overrated

    • Well thank ya kindly larry.: )

    • 10 points for you!!!

    • That's the best way to IS natural ; )

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  • I like keeping everything on. :P The skimpiest thing I ever wear around the house is one of my brother's shirts and my underwear underneath. My brother's shirts usually go slightly above the knee, so it's sort of like wearing a nightgown, in a way.

  • I always keep my clothes on.

  • I always have clothes on...what if my parents or brother came home and saw me...that would be totally weird dude

    • But suppose they are out of town and you know they wouldn't come back before 2 or 3 days, then would you prefer being naked at all?

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