How to seduce a colleague?

I know, I know, relationships and work don't mix. We flirt with each other at work and I know he wants some but I can see his sensible side holding back. What if I don't want a relationship? What if I just want a little bit of a fling? Or a friend with benefits? How do I even begin to approach this with him when we have that professional working relationship going on?

I'm not asking whether or not I should, I'm asking how to get it.


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  • First, screw the work/relationship nonsense. There's a difference between a career and a paycheck, one major distinction being paychecks are interchangeable, as long as they don't bounce. A great romance, by contrast, is unique.

    How to get it? The ancient ritual: drinks after work, dinner after drinks.

    After'll figure it out.

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      After dinner when going out to the car, just get in the back seat!