Can you get pregnant from giving a bj?

I'm really scared to do it. I just need the basics of how too. I don't think I even should

If anyones curious I called him right away & changed my answer. I said I wanted to wait. I really think it was the right decision. 14 is just too young. He still likes me, but now another problem does he just want the bj? Does this ever end? lol. Thanks!


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  • Like pretty much everyone else said, no, you can't . But, you can get STD's, and plus it's just gross anyway . XP Why would you want that in your mouth, hon ?

    If you don't think you should, then don't . You don't have to do something like that if you don't want to . It sounds to me like someone is telling you to do this, correct ? Or, do you feel out of place because you haven't done it ? Regardless, if you don't want to do it, you certainly don't have to . Not everyone in the world does it .

    When you're ready for sex, you'll know it . But don't do anything sexual until you feel like it's really the right time . Don't give anything up to someone who doesn't deserve it . Wait for the one you'll love forever .

    I hope I was able to help you .

    • Like I said to jarett thanks for this answer . Its very difficult knowing what is right and what isn't . You definitely said it right when you said I might feel out of place . I DEFINITELY do . He doesn't deserve it either . My opinion is that if a bj is all a guy talks about . He probably doesn't like me too much lol . But thank you so much !


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  • The only way that you're going to get pregnant is if the semen goes in or around your vagina. Sometimes happens during heavy petting, and is called a 'splash pregnancy'. Giving a bj won't allow the semen close to your vagina, so you should be okay.

    Okay, now, that said, I must just say that if you're not COMPLETELY comfortable, don't have any sort of sexual relations with him. I personally say wait for a more stable relationship, like marriage, but that's what I'm doing anyway. I honestly don't think you should do anything as you're likely to regret it if you're unsure now.

    • Thanks for your answer ! Your right about everything . I totally was having doubts . Saying no was a good answer even if it means he doesn't like me as much . Its not worth it anyways

    • If he's basing how much he likes you on whether you wanted to do this with him, reconsider how much you want him . That's really, REALLY shallow . I hope that you find a guy that you're totally comfortable with, and that will truly care for you in all ways, not just as a possible sexual partner .

    • Just seen the update . 14 ? ! ? ! ? ! You or him ? Wait, that's beside the point . 14 ? ! ? ! ? ! That's far too young, in fact, how come are you in the 18-24 age group ?

  • I'm assuming you mean blow job, and the answer is no you can not get pregnant, but you can get SEXUALLY TRANSMITTED DISEASES! >:O <======8

    • Thanks for mentioning this . Good point . I doubt he has stds but if he did . Yikes . I mean what would I tell my poor mom ? Lol

  • No, you can't get pregnant by giving a bj. But if you don't think you should, then don't hun. Don't ever do something you're not comfortable with doing. If you aren't ready or you want to wait, then be honest with the guy. If he can't accept your wishes, then he's not the guy for you. Wait for a guy that wants you for WHO you are, not WHAT you have, or WHAT you'll do with him.

    • Thanks . This was REALLY helpful . Its just been really weird not knowing what to do . Like last year (serious story) I had plastic surgery & now its like bam all of a sudden these older guys want to do stuff . I don't know what's right & what's wrong & if that's all they want . Thanks for the comment . It helped me feel way better

    • Well hun, to be honest, 14 is very young. If you start now, things will only get worse, the word will get passed around that you do stuff, and people will think and say things about you. If you give him a bj, how do you know he isn't just after you because of that. But if you tell him you don't want to do that stuff, and he stays with you, then he likes you because of you.

  • No, as long as your don't get his semen near your vagina, you won't get pregnant.

    • Thank you ! This was a very simple straight forward answer . They seem to be your specialty !

    • Thanks . :-) I like to keep it simple when possible .

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  • No you can't get pregnant. Don't do anything that makes you feel uncomfortable. If your not ready then be honest with him and if he can't accept it or understand then he is not worth it. Just be you. Don't ever feel like you have to do something you don't want to.

    • Thanks . At first I told him yes but after hearing all these- he got a quick no . He said he still likes me but I don't know how I feel now . I want a REAL relationship . Not the sexual kind . Thanks for your help !

  • No.

    • The answer I guess is right . But not helpful . I mean just saying no is sorta impersonal . But thanks for taking the time to read it =]

  • No you can't get pregnant from giving head.

    But my view is, if you don't know your own body, and the male body,

    you shouldn't be having sex, or doing anything sexual.

    • Thats a really good point . I'm not too comfortable with myself so seeing him naked might be WAY too much to handle . Actually I would probably laugh . Then get dumped

  • No you can not get prego by giving a blow job. because the sperm

    goes into the stomache not the uterus.