Can you get pregnant from giving a bj?

I'm really scared to do it. I just need the basics of how too. I don't think I even should

If anyones curious I called him right away & changed my answer. I said I wanted to wait. I really think it was the right decision. 14 is just too young. He still likes me, but now another problem does he just want the bj? Does this ever end? lol. Thanks!


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  • Like pretty much everyone else said, no, you can't . But, you can get STD's, and plus it's just gross anyway . XP Why would you want that in your mouth, hon ?

    If you don't think you should, then don't . You don't have to do something like that if you don't want to . It sounds to me like someone is telling you to do this, correct ? Or, do you feel out of place because you haven't done it ? Regardless, if you don't want to do it, you certainly don't have to . Not everyone in the world does it .

    When you're ready for sex, you'll know it . But don't do anything sexual until you feel like it's really the right time . Don't give anything up to someone who doesn't deserve it . Wait for the one you'll love forever .

    I hope I was able to help you .

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      Like I said to jarett thanks for this answer . Its very difficult knowing what is right and what isn't . You definitely said it right when you said I might feel out of place . I DEFINITELY do . He doesn't deserve it either . My opinion is that if a bj is all a guy talks about . He probably doesn't like me too much lol . But thank you so much !