What is the chances of me getting pregnant?

My boyfriend and I were having sex today, and well, we didn't have protection so we used the pull out. (I know dumb decision)

Anyway, he kinda finished once and it turns out it was just a little bit, and it wasn't really his finish, but a little come came out though, (I gave him oral after that happened) then back to penetration. Then when he finally finished completely he cummed on my stomach and boobs. But I noticed, some of the come started sliding down there, near the opening of it. so I wiped off quickly. What are my chances of getting pregnant?

I had my period three weeks ago.
Okay my period will be here in another week. I can't afford birth control or anything.

I haven't had the signs of pregnancy. No morning sickness or anything.
So today I started spotting today. So it could my period ?


Most Helpful Guy

  • Well the pull out method isn't good or reliable at all especially when he actually had some sort of an orgasm, even if it was only a small one. If this was during your fertile time, then the chances of you getting pregnant are as good as it'd normally be even if he hadn't pulled out at all. It takes very little sperm to make a girl pregnant. I'd say you do have a chance of getting pregnant if all the other favorable conditions were present. However, probably not quite as much if there wasn't as much come as there'd been with a full out orgasm.