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Why do girls feel themselves up when getting off?

Why do some chicks squeeze their breast when their having sex and about to reach an orgasm?

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  • Honestly its cause our boobs are actually rather sensitive, hence why it tickles so much if you play with a girls nipples . Not all girls are sensitive, but most are, and squeezing them is just kind of another way to add to the sensual pleasure

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  • Cause touching nipples stimulates the clit .

  • some girls nipples and breasts are relay sensitive, squeezing them can help a girl reach a better orgasm. Plus, girls don't really tend to think when we're about to orgasm, we just do whatever feels good

  • There could be many reasons . I've done it simply because my boyfriend has told me that he likes when I touch myself .

  • It feels good knowing my guy is getting off from it, and it feels good too ! Are you complaining ? Take what you can get !

    • No I defininetly not complaining . It turns me on but I just thought that it was too good to be true .

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  • Because they're sensitive and it feels good . Some people like being stimulated in multiple places at the same time . Given your age, something tells me you've been watching too many videos . ;)

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