How Can A Girl Break/Tear Her Hymen?

I'm a virgin and my boyfriend isn't.Well he wants to have sex,but says it'll be painful and messy for me,and he doesn't really wanna deal with that and he also said if it's still intact sex won't be pleasurable for him so he suggested I break or tear it on my own that way it won't hurt or whatever.

So how can I do that?I don't use tampons and I don't finger myself when I masturbate.How do I do it?


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  • omg he is so freaking gay. seriously. don't try to hurt yourself for a gay boy. just cherish your virginity while your hymen is still intact. I personally (like most guys who aren't still in high school) would be totally amazed and honored if I were given the opportunity to be loved (and maybe even laid) by a girl cool enough to have saved herself for someone special. Tell him to have sex with his hymen-free hand.


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  • Hahahahaha, that's the most ridiculous things I've ever heard.

    Find a new boyfriend, he's a jackass.

    And toe-dun... Lol. Lose your virginity without having sex? LMAO.


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  • Sorry but I have to agree with everyone else here. He is a total idiot. Its not the part that he wants you not be a virgin, its that he doesn't want to share that special moment with you. Also he is encouraging you to hurt yourself?!?!? and undergo the pain alone?!? he's a twit. if he doesn't want you the way you are he isn't worth you. There are plenty of guys who would love you enough to guide and encourage you through your first time. don't waste your time on him

  • Let me get this straight.You're a virgin,your boyfriend isn't[supposedly]

    He wants YOU to break your hymen because it won't be pleasurable for him and he doesn't want to deal with it[messy.blood,pain]

    Well hey, I'm a virgin,but even I know guys who are virgins last for what,10 seconds,so either way sex for the first time is most likely never pleasurable

    How about you break up with him and find a guy who can "deal with it"

  • Your boyfriend is STUPID...

  • you could start using tampons, but if you do some stretches, or if you can do the splits, that would loosen it...but loosing your virginity without sex is messier, so talk to ur boyfriend and tell him he just has to deal with it or end it..