I'm afraid to let my boyfriend finger me, why? and how do you do it?

Sometimes I really want to but I feel like he won't know how to do it or it might just be weird. How do you suggest I get over this? What are some good ways to approach it?

and how do you even do it right?


Most Helpful Guy

  • First of all, men aren't born knowing how to please a woman, be it fingers or otherwise. You ask how to do it right ? That tells us you don't know your own body. You really need to learn what makes you feel good on your own first. Learn where to touch yourself "down there" before you go and let some guy try it. Just thrusting a few fingers into a vagina doesn't mean automatic pleasure. Take some "alone" time for yourself and try masturbation. Massage your clit in different ways...circles, stroking, etc. If you do this correctly yo8u might even have an orgasm. After you learn what makes you feel good on your own, you can then guide your boyfriend on how to do it.