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Dominant and Submissive acts?

What are some different sexual, or subtle everyday things someone does to show/express their dominance or submissiveness? Like guys pulling hair... Show More

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  • Let me drive your car = sexy submissionI like the power exchange. Before sex, girls are dominant, because they decide if it goes down. During sex, roles reverse, because he has the key to the O. It is good to wield the penis. Just wish I could put it to good use a little more often. Much longer without sex and I will have to start calling it a pee pee.

  • I like to grab my girl's head when she's giving me a blowjob and shove my whole dick down her mouth, and hold her head down there when she starts to gag...it's a huge turn on to watch her struggle while pleasuring me..and god it feels good to thrust harder when she starts to gag...

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