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I want to give a blow job to my guy...I am a newbie on this thing...I was licking his penis and giving him a hand job then I tried to put his penis in mouth but it didn't fit I tried to open wide my mouth but I was hurting him. I felt quite bad because I really want to please him.

I don't know what's the reason... my mouth is too small or he's too big? any tips?


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  • Well...umm lol, try stretching your jaw every other day. This will obviously work your jaw muscles and make them looser so the next time you go down on him it may be easier. You may also wanna try getting it in your mouth before he's hard, and make sure that your lips are in between your teeth and him because yea teeth hurt. Now that could either work well and stretch your jaw muscles or it could go horribly. So if he starts to get bigger, too big for you, don't keep it in your mouth. Worst case scenario just lick and suck. Just suck on the head, and lick and suck everywhere else. Play with his balls too, it could open a dimension of pleasure he's never experienced before.

    Hope it Helps:)


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  • Or just treat him to some heavy kissing & licking with a little suction on the underside right below the head. Add a little hand job action at the base, and it likely won't care at all if you can't get the traditional form down.

  • Can you wrap your hand around he's beef hammer?


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