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I'm a virgin and she's not

Girls, if you started to date a guy and you found out he was a virgin (and you weren't), would that bother you/be a turn-off at all? I would walk to... Show More

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  • It would a huge turn-on for her knowing that you chose to her as your first. Just be honest, not only with her, but with yourself. Be honest with her about why you are a virgin. Be honest to yourself, are you trying not to disappoint her or you?I was 18 years old when I lost my virginity and I wish I would have waited longer. I have to live with that person's face forever in my memories as the person who took my virginity. Just be honest with her and if your feelings are mutual for each other, than you could never disappoint her. Sex is only sex, monkeys do it, on the most basic level. Just ensure you are honest and it is a turn-on for a girl to be with a virgin.

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  • Its a huge turn on. She'll love you for it, seriously like its adorable, just tell her with a shy smile :)

  • I'd love it, personally. It hard for me sometimes to think about the other women my boyfriend was with. (He was my first.) So yeah, it's nice to come in with no baggage.

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