How to do I give a great BJ?

How do I give my man the best BJ that he has ever had and have him begging for more?


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  • It's so simple to find out what spot best stimulates a guy, just watch his reaction as you stroke certain parts. But if you need tips then here it is.

    Go at it slow. Make sure you taste every bit of it. Spend a couple of seconds just sucking the head and then all of a sudden real fast try to take it all in.

    Also, man have this bridge between their balls and their ass that turns them on a lot. Lick it and stroke it with your tongue very slowly. Love it. Let him know you're enjoying this more than he is. Scratch his thighs while on giving him head.

    Suck it as slow as possible, this will give him a sense of seduction. But also do it fast. This will tell him you're hungry for him.

    Enjoy, stop focusing on everything else and just worry about enjoying it yourself. Relax and make believe this is the last time you're gonna do this, believe me he'll love it.

    Good luck

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      I totally do that to my guy. I start slow, wait for him to relax and then suck like there is no maana