Men, do you like a submissive woman?

I mean submissive in bed OR submissive in general. Not to the extreme though. Just curious. Does it turn you on or off if someone is submissive to you?


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  • While I like when a woman likes to have a lot of intimacy, I tend to like women who are not afraid to just grab me, lead me over to the bed and throw me down on it, and have her way with me. And believe me when I tell you I'm usually the dominant one, but it's just that I like an aggressive woman.

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  • In general, a Man likes to be in control. It is one of those manly things. Why? Because a man really has to take a lot of orders and follow rules in the job force and such. Nothing worse than a controlling woman at home.

    IN bed however, I think men like enjoy aggressive women because it add more passion and fire to the lovemaking. But submissive is ok.

  • It can def be a turn on. Not all the time though. If it only happens once and a while its fun and exciting.

  • My girlfriend plays hard to get and then finally after some cat and mouse she submits fully. And in all honesty it makes me sooo happy

  • Submissive in bed can be a little bit of a turn off. . But submissive in general? I've not really known any that were that way in general, at least not often.

  • That turns me on totally. If someone submits before me I immediately try to do the same for them. I hate competition in love, that is not true love. Love only happens when both submits to each other, that doesn't mean you have to be idle but rather the opposite, and put the other first that includes in bed or in general. Don't keep yourself from the person you love, but always give and receive in joy and thanks.


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