Virgin guy with a non-virgin girl?

Girls: Would you dump your boyfriend if you found out that he was virgin and intent to stay virgin until marriage, or after a few years of relationship? how often do we find the female "waiting" for the male?

how many guys/girls out there have found themselves in this situation?

Virgin guys how would you view a non-virgin girlfriend? ( I am not saying she is a slut or anything, she is just not virgin) would you end the relationship because of that? do you feel embarrassed to let her know you are virgin?


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  • Why does virginity matter so much? A relationship should be on love, not sex. I admire those who want to wait until marriage before having sex. Being a virgin does not make somebody a bad person. I mean, if you love the guy, why does it matter whether or not he is a virgin? You would dump him just because he would not have sex with you? (Vise Versa: a virgin breaking up with a non-virgin strictly because of virginity) Don't you find that to be a tad bit shallow?

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      * A relationship should be ^^^based on love