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Virgin guy with a non-virgin girl?

Girls: Would you dump your boyfriend if you found out that he was virgin and intent to stay virgin until marriage, or after a few years of... Show More

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  • Why does virginity matter so much? A relationship should be on love, not sex. I admire those who want to wait until marriage before having sex. Being a virgin does not make somebody a bad person. I mean, if you love the guy, why does it matter whether or not he is a virgin? You would dump him just because he would not have sex with you? (Vise Versa: a virgin breaking up with a non-virgin strictly because of virginity) Don't you find that to be a tad bit shallow?

    • * A relationship should be ^^^based on love

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  • I wouldn't date anyone who wouldn't have sex with me (as in Now, not years from now and only if we happen to marry). Personally, I need to sex to express my affection and to appreciate my partner's feelings. If my partner doesn't feel the same way, we're just too different to date.

    • It doesn't matter what 'Jesus Christ' thinks. If he actually existed, which he probably doesn't. Even if he did, he can mind his own damn business. @LoveandLive

  • I don't care about whether the guy is a virgin or not, but I would probably dump him if he told me he wanted to wait til marriage. If that's how he feels about sex and marriage, there are probably many of other values we do not share.

  • I don't mind if he is a virgin I guess, but yes I would definitely dump him, if he wanted to wait for marriage. The main reason is, that it would probably mean he is religious, and I cannot deal with that. It is the biggest deal breaker there is.

    • ... And I really don't want not to have sex.

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