Why doesn't my boyfriend like to go down on me?

Over the past year my boyfriend has only gone down on me like twice. I find it kinda weird because he also isn't into doing kinky things or talking about sexual things. Oral sex isn't one of my favorite things, so its not a big deal. I've just never been with a guy who doesn't like to do things. My previous boyfriend was always doing EVERYTHING!


Most Helpful Guy

  • Though the common belief is that all of us men are sex freaks. And though this is mostly true, it is not completely true. Some men just aren't moved to have a lot of sex, or for that matter a variety of sex. Missionary position seems enough to get them by until the next time. This is normally seen more so in women, but there are a few of those guys out there. Two reasons may be the cause of this. First, just doesn't have the sex drive. Second, just plain nervous or scared. There is a lot of pressure on men to perform these days, and that can be intimidating. Shows like Sex and the City, showing women sitting around joking about their inadequate lovers. My suggestion is this. Talk to him about it. Set up some romantic fantasy to get him worked up and walk him through what you want him to do. Make him your little slave for the night. Reward him when he does it good, or politely and in a fun way, teach him to fix what he is doing wrong. When he realizes how much pleasure he can bring to his woman. I'll bet his attitude changes. Good luck