How easily do women get aroused? Compared to guys?

How easy is it for girls to get turned on? Does it happen as easily as it does to guys? A few times while we were making out my girlfriend has told me that she was very sexually aroused, but sometimes I feel awkward thinking about the fact that I'm always turned on when we make out and she may not be. I'm definitely going to bring it up with her because it makes me somewhat uncomfortable and we need to talk about it, but I just want to get some preliminary information so I don't seem rude hahaha.


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  • For me, I can get my boyfriend turned on in a a few seconds. But it takes a long time to arouse me. Cause guy usually don't have that moan that us girls do. We can say were clothes-less and the guy will get aroused right then, if I guy said that - it would either turn us off or make us uncomfortable.


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  • Depends- I always got the impression thatt a guy can go from 0 i.e. not turned on to like 100 in a few minutes/seconds X-D I don't know if that's accurate, but anyway for me it depends...some days, some weeks I'm incredibly horny and others, I'm just not. I'm sure she must be somewhat turned on when you make out though, seeing as you're dating- unless she backs away etc.

  • i don't know if I'm the exception but I doubt it, I get just as turned on as you do when I make out with a guy. I am very easily aroused

  • Well it vary's from woman to woman but for most it takes much longer then the guy to aroused and we need a lot more foreplay before sex to get wet. I know I need to be at it for like an hour before I'm ready lol


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  • It all depends on the Girl.

    Anytime that me and my girlfriend are making out, she is the one getting aroused and not me.

    Some guys get easily aroused when making out with girls, some dont. It goes the same with girls.

    At least from my experiences =/