How can they tell if you've lost your virginity?

How can the doctor (gynecologist) tell that a girl has lost her virginity? Is there doctor-patient confidentiality or does he tell the parents?


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  • the doctor (gynecologist) tell that a girl has a tear in her hymen, no hymen or just fragments of a hymen, but (unless the sperm still is present of course) NO doctor, NO PERSON can know how that happened , (at 6 when jumping, at 12 when horse riding or dancing ballet or at 14 from tampons or fingering or at 18 from having sex with 6 guys in a row. LOL)

    Just the girl and her first sexual boyfriend can know it.

    The doctor can know if there was a childbirth of course.

    btw, if there's no trace of abuse the doctor is NOT interested to know it , unless he needs it for his diagnostic of course, to exclude the possibility of a STD for instance. Above a certain age the doctor will have to respect confidentiality.

    (probably above 16 yrs)

    There are many kinds of hymen. Look at some drawings : link