Guys and girls answer: How do I give my boyfriend a boner without touching his penis or thighs?

I want to be able to get my man super horny and give him a boner without actually touching his penis. Any ides or techniques? :D


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  • Since men are aroused by visual stimulation anything you do that he sees is going to get him hornier than touch. That's why men don't close their eyes during sex. They need the continual stimulation of seeing you. He is excited that you are touching his penis but he also needs to SEE you touch his penis for him to get super excited.

    So anything you can think up that is sexual that he can see you do is going to do the trick. Like someone else said, something as simple as a striptease might be what you are looking for.


What Guys Said 3

  • Is he a masochist? Have you though to ask? Bite him a bit, be rough, grind up against him. He will f***ing love that. Wear a skirt and grind your pelvis into his body. Suck on his ears. All of these are great techniques.

  • Guys are very visual. Just show a little skin.

  • A lot of guys like boobs so you can wear something very cut like a loose open front top where he can so a major portion of your boobs. You could always spread your legs and let him see you're not wearing any panties. Be creative about showing off parts of your body or just start walking around naked when you're alone with him.


What Girls Said 4

  • -dirty talk. talk about what you want to do to him or what you want him to do to you or talk through on of your fantasies.

    - strip tease

    - masturbate in front of him

    -dress up in sexy lingerie and surprise him with that.


    its pretty easy to turn a guy on. hahaha

  • well, my boyfriend gets a boner by hugging, kissing, and just being next to me.. so I'm not too sure..


  • Just start making out with him.