Why do men like woman to call them daddy when they are having sex??

I was really curious about it in class today so I just wanted to know if there was a real reason for it...


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  • It's a dominate/submissive thing.

    Whether its in the bedroom or not, if you call someone mommy, you would be saying they are nurturing you and loving you. If you call someone daddy you are saying they are taking care of you.

    So for the guys that like it, you're telling him he's taking care of you sexually.

    But it definitely is cause the girl is acting submissive to him when she says it. It's like saying 'You're in charge.'

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      I totally dig your answer :)


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      You're welcome. I'm glad you liked it. :)

      I actually heard the Rihanna song "Sell Me Candy" the other day and thought of your question. Cause in one line some guy says "I'm the daddy" and she says back "You the boss."