Why do some girls have a problem with their boyfriend looking at porn or jerking off?

I have a boyfriend and I really don't mind if he does this. For one thing I'm not always there when he horny and I'm content in the relationship enough to know that those woman in porn mean nothing they are just hot woman that are fake. I also think its hot when he sends me pics of him getting off.


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  • I think most of the objection to porn comes from insecurity and not being comfortable with male sexuality. It's like women want to tame their men or something.

    Regarding the prevalence of sexual abuse thing, I guess that might be true, but I don't know that it makes watching their films wrong. I'm really not a fan of the notion that girls in porn aren't capable of making that decision for themselves. It treats women like children; incapable of giving real consent, and somehow not responsible for their actions. I don't buy it. Adults decide these things for themselves, and I really dislike anything that treats women as somehow less than adult.


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  • Yeah I never understood why girls get so mad about it. Because I admit I watch porn to get myself off, but that's when I happen to not be with my boyfriend. I mean, sure if I wa there in the room and he just wanted to ignore me an go for por, I'd b mad. But otherwise, what he does when he has private time is something I can understand because I do it too lol. And I love when my boyfriend sends me pics! It makes me feel like even tho he is watching porn, he wants me there :)

  • I agree with mcbaby, if he was to just completely ignore me and go for it, then id be a little upset. My boyfriend though has actually said that he would give up porn for me. It didn't work since I'm the one that keeps insisting we watch it lol. but as far as him jerking off I never even had the chance to tell him if it bothered me, he doesn't want to do it cause he feels that is my job.

  • Jerking off isn't a problem with me. I dislike porn for a couple of reasons. The first is that I don't necessarily care for the idea of him using another woman's image for gratification. The next is that almost all of the women in the porn industry have histories of sexual abuse. It is such an unhealthy (and often traumatic) thing for them to be doing and the fact is that these women are human beings, not just images. As someone who works with victims of abuse, I can't get past the knowledge of what these women go through, both in childhood and in the industry. Furthermore, porn advances a lot of inaccurate and unhealthy information about sexuality and desensitizes people to things they may otherwise find objectionable.

    Just my personal opinion.

    • The second half of my answer above is mostly directed towards your response. It occurred to me that you might not see that unless I commented directly. Also I think I might sound a little harsh there. I didn't mean to, and I'm interested in your opinion.

    • It's not that they can't make their own decisions. It's just that I get to see the pain that is behind the images. It's different when you know how often the women involved are dissociating or using drugs to get through it or how often they are having flashbacks/nightmares, etc. I totally understand why people enjoy and are aroused by porn. It's just that knowing the personal stories behind it, changes your outlook.