Why do some girls have a problem with their boyfriend looking at porn or jerking off?

I have a boyfriend and I really don't mind if he does this. For one thing I'm not always there when he horny and I'm content in the relationship enough to know that those woman in porn mean nothing they are just hot woman that are fake. I also think its hot when he sends me pics of him getting off.


Most Helpful Girl

  • I think most of the objection to porn comes from insecurity and not being comfortable with male sexuality. It's like women want to tame their men or something.

    Regarding the prevalence of sexual abuse thing, I guess that might be true, but I don't know that it makes watching their films wrong. I'm really not a fan of the notion that girls in porn aren't capable of making that decision for themselves. It treats women like children; incapable of giving real consent, and somehow not responsible for their actions. I don't buy it. Adults decide these things for themselves, and I really dislike anything that treats women as somehow less than adult.