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Can I still get pregnant even though a guy is fixed?

Can I still get pregnant even though the guy I am currently seeing is fixed?

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  • It may take up to two weeks for a vasectomy to take, but if he's been fixed for a while then he cannot get you pregnant.

  • Yes you can. It's rare but it can happen. The men in my family are actually immune to the effects of vasectomies.

  • Lmao Fixed? Well if his testicles have been removed, you need not worry. Although extremely rare, a vasectomy has been known to reverse itself naturally. So it is possible.

    • Lmfao xDDDDD....

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    • Yea I've also learned that in a vasectomy the tubes can reattach themselves sometimes...

    • Thank you truejbig for reinforcing that fact, and hopefully giving someone some insight, and reason to exercise caution where it is still needed.

  • Some doctors will say that you may want to use some sort of birth control after a vasectomy for up to a month just in case, but the chances are pretty slim even if you don't.

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  • umm no...I don't think so...anyway...in every occasion you should take protection in my opinion......

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