What is the kinkiest thing you've ever done?

OMG need details! Don't be shy! Tell Everything! :)

Come on you know you want to...


Most Helpful Girl

  • well.. one day not so long ago, I went out with this guy out to the beach and had a drink walked around for a bit. he then picked me up put me on the picnic table and started kissing me he then pushed me back on the picnic table and started going down on me..

    then he picked me up and f***ed me against the big dumpster. (it was pretty trashy)

    Then a cop pulled up so my naked ass was sitting in the porta potty lol because its a small town and I knew all the cops.

    So then we layed down on a blanket he had brought and snuggled for a bit till we got all crazy horny again and he f***ed me so hard from behind I lost an earring. (I was so bummed because I had just ogtten those ones too)

    Then we panicked thinking his wife would ifnd one of them in their car. but no. he found it a couple weeks later when he was doing laundry. never got it back though

    then the third time we did it that night I rode him half standing half kneeling while he watched it go in and out. it was pretty amazing.